Villa Vintage


This villa is placed in the residential area close to the clubhouse. It is accessible by a regular road and provides a parking place for six cars. It is built on an estate with an area of 620 square meters. Main entrance is situated to the street. Garden, terrace and residential part of the house are facing the forest providing utmost privacy. Direct sunlight can be enjoyed in the garden since early afternoon. Sunsets are the best part of the day there.
The villa was built in a farmhouse style; architecture is typical for the local Slovak region called Zahorie. The emphasis was put on a choice of quality, tradition and natural sort of materials that were used. The western facade is dominated by a glass gable that leaves plenty of daylight to go through the living area of the house. The terrace is dominated by a massive wooden table with 10 seats. It is shielded by a pergola. A small grill at the terrace is a certainty.


The disposition of the villa is dominated by a spacious central living area getting all the guests together. This living room is connected to a dining area and a kitchen covered together by the rooftop directly – a lofty style of living. The day zone is the heart of the house. It is situated directly against the main entrance and the terrace and the garden are accessible from there. Contact with the surroundings together with the lighting of the space is ensured by the use of generous glass surfaces. Should the weather keep you inside you can warm up the space with a fireplace.
There are five bedrooms in the house. Three of them are on the left side; one is on the right side when entering the house through the main entrance. They are accessible from corridors ending in the living area. One bedroom is single bed and is facing the street. Next two of them have a king-size bed and French doors that lead straight to the garden. To these three bedrooms belong two bathrooms that are accessible across the corridor. Each bathroom has a shower enclosure, a sink and a toilette. Towels and hairdryers are at your disposal. The fourth bedroom on the opposite side of the house has a king size bed as well. The adjacent bathroom has a tube, a sink and a toilette. This bathroom is also across the corridor. There is another bedroom on the second floor. It is accessible from the living area using stairs. This bedroom is designated for three guests with one king-size bed and one single bed that is extendable. En-suite bathroom goes with this bedroom (tube, sink and toilette). Each bedroom is equipped with plenty of storage. Moreover there is a TV set in each bedroom.
There is a Wi-Fi connection in every corner of the villa.

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