Villa Mediterana

Villa Mediterana‘s total space of 210 square meters is divided into central living area, bedrooms on each side of the house and two appartments in the attic. Each apartment is equipped with its own kitchenette. One of the apartments has even an individual entry to the house. One of the bedrooms on the ground floor is equipped with bathroom en-suite. Otherwise the arrangements are very similar to the Villa Vintage and Villa Scandinavia. You can rent either individual apartments or the whole villa. Experience a perfect relax at the best golf course.


Looking from outside there is not much of a difference between all three houses. This villa is also built in a farmhouse style using the latest materials. Together with the other two houses it creates a complex of timeless holiday project where you would love to spend your time.


The interior of the house is very similar to other villas. However the attic contains two apartments that could be isolated from the rest of the house. One of them has even an individual entry. This house has a different n-s orientation. Therefore there is a plentiful sunshine throughout the whole day.

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